Now a simpler way to close

Homie Title’s automated technology and experienced team make the home closing process simple, secure, and stress-free. Buying or selling should be easy and exciting, not complicated and costly. Home sweet Homie.

Homie Title in Your Neighborhood

We’ve got you every step of the way

You shouldn’t have to worry about all that paperwork to finalize your purchase or sale. Your highly experienced Homie Title team will get you across the finish line and make sure you close without a hitch.

Surprises are for birthdays not home closings

Homie is all about saving you money. That’s why our title fees are some of the lowest in the industry and completely transparent. There are no hidden fees or surprises when you show up to close.

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Buyer fees*
Title Insurance Loan Policy $1,013.00
Title & Recording Fees $488.00
Total Buyer Fees $1,501.00
Seller fees*
Title Insurance Owner’s Policy $1,857.00
Title Fees $400.00
Total Seller Fees $2,257.00

*Rates and fees shown are estimates.

A modern approach

Homie Title streamlines the entire home closing process through easy to use software to guide you through each step. Homie's sister companies all work together to make the process amazing.

We are on a mission

Homie was launched in 2015 to simplify the home buying and selling process and reduce crazy fees and commissions. In 2019, Homie launched Homie Title to further the company’s vision to streamline the entire process. By integrating more of the services you need, we can significantly reduce the cost and help you buy more home for your money.

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