Homie Title - Service Terms

The following Service Terms (“Service Terms”) apply to all Services (as generally defined in the T&Cs and as set forth below) provided by Homie Title, Inc., d/b/a Homie Title, a/d/b/a Homie Title Insurance Agency, a/d/b/a Investors Title Insurance Agency (“Homie Title”) and are hereby incorporated into Homie Title’s General Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”):

  1. Title Insurance Services and Administration. User understands and agrees that Homie Title operates, on a state-by-state basis, as a licensed title insurance agency and/or escrow officer, and as such User understands and agrees that Homie Title assists users in obtaining title insurance, escrow and settlement services (collectively referred to as “Services”) based upon information User submits. Homie Title does not share your information for marketing purposes with our subsidiaries, affiliates, service providers, business partners, and other third parties.

  2. User’s Responsibilities & Obligations. Homie Title cannot and will not give advice to the User. It is the User’s responsibility to understand the tax, legal and financial ramifications for all actions taken by the User. The User agrees and understands that they are responsible to verify the accuracy of information provided to Homie Title. User agrees that they will verify the accuracy of all data provided by Homie Title. The User agrees and understands that it must, independent of Homie, determine what is in their best interests before signing any settlement statements, closing disclosures, or completing any forms. User’s use of and interaction with the Services shall be governed solely by these Service Terms, to include the T&Cs. User expressly acknowledges and agrees that User alone is responsible for the content of any title document User signs, if the User has any questions regarding title documents or Services, they should consult with an attorney. Before executing any document by or through the Services, Homie Title recommends that User consult an independent tax professional to answer any tax related questions. The User is solely responsible for complying with the terms and conditions contained in any document, including providing additional information. The User alone is responsible for the consequences of any nonperformance required under such documents or if a breach occurs. By physically or electronically signing any such documents produced or transmitted through the Services, User expressly represents and warrants that User has read and that User understood all provisions contained therein.

  3. Payment Terms. User understands and agrees that payment for Services will be paid at closing. User agrees that Homie Title may disclose, in accordance with Federal and State Law, on the Closing Disclosure or Settlement Statement (collectively, the “CD”) the amount to be paid to Homie Title for the Services performed by Homie Title. User agrees to hold Homie Title, and any of its affiliates or third-party partners, harmless for any damages that may arise from User’s reliance on any estimates given to User by Homie Title or affiliated companies. User agrees that User will not disseminate any information about User’s title services, regardless of where and how this information is disseminated. User agrees to keep the information, quotes, and disclosures of User’s title services confidential between User and Homie Title. User can share information regarding Homie Title’s title services, rates, quotes and disclosures with external parties only with the express written consent of Homie Title. User agrees that Homie Title shall be paid for all Services ordered through Homie Title, to include its Site, Platform, or third-party websites (Qualia, etc.) at the time of closing, and provide Homie Title express authorization to be compensated at the time of closing. User agrees to pay any attorney fees, court costs, or other costs incurred in collection of delinquent amounts.

  4. Billing Issues. User must notify Homie Title about any billing problems or discrepancies within 90 days after charges first appear on User’s account statement. User agrees to waive User’s right to dispute any problems or charges if not brought to Homie Title’s attention within 90 days of the occurrence of such problems or charges.

  5. Limitation of Liability. Homie Title expressly disclaims any liability for, and User further agrees to indemnify Homie Title in connection with, any dispute arising out of or related to User’s use of the Services and the content of, and User’s compliance or non-compliance with, any documents produced or transmitted by or through the Services. By signing any documents produced or transmitted by or through the Services, User expressly releases Homie Title from any liability (i) in connection with the content, legality and enforceability of such documents, (ii) related to the subject matter thereof, or, (iii) arising out of the transactions contemplated therein.

  6. Service Cancellation. User may cancel User’s application at any time by contacting Homie Title at support@homietitleagency.com. Homie Title reserves the right to cancel any application if fraud is suspected. If there has been no activity or response from User regarding title services for a period of more than 30 Days, Homie Title reserves the right to remove such application in its sole discretion. Homie Title will remove any applications where timely payment has not been made or has been revoked.

Effective: 12.9.21